Lakshmi Sadhana 15th- 21th of September 2019 in a gorgeous countryside venue in Estonia. 

Authentic sacred tantra sadhana with Guruji Maharaj from India. Guruji Maharaj is a master of kundalini and tantra. He has practiced sadhana with all the different aspects of manifestation in the tantric tradition connected with the 64 tantras (10 Maha Vidhyas, different aspects of Durga, 64 Bhairavas, 64 Yoginis, Siva, Vishnu, Brahma, etc). With his down to earth, approachable and humorous character he guides people selflessly.

This is a unique opportunity to experience 7 days of guided tantric meditation and a complete Lakshmi sadhana. Sadhana is a disciplined and dedicated practice, it is a fast track to speed up your evolution and spiritual progress. 

It is a right-hand tantra what does not include any sexual activities. The main practices will be mantra meditation (uttering sacred words), yagna (sacred fire ceremony) and yantra (sacred geometry).

Lakshmi is a goddess known to give spiritual and physical effects. She is the universal energy of wealth, prosperity and abundance. Lakshmi energy is providing us fortune, self-knowledge and spiritual liberation. By working with this energy your finance situation becomes better, your aura becomes rajasic and your speech is improved. If you dance then your dance become rajasic and is being improved. To become rajasaic means to become active. To bring fire into the work, means to inspire and expand. This sadhana is for those who wish to fasten the purification process in order to awaken and remember their true divinity. 

For questions and registration, please write , leave your details and we will get back to you.

Or call Hedi on WhatsApp +372 566 499 65

What will be included in the fee:

•         Accommodation for six nights

•         Vegetarian meals three times a day

•         Guided meditations and practices

•         The making of a live Lakshmi yantra

•         Fire Yagnas/Ceremonies

•         A treatment of rare herbs to inscribe yantra on the body. This is a traditional process that affects the subtle body on deep     levels and makes the energy to open profoundly.

•         A session of questions and answers about tantra, energy, the process, and other topics you’d like to know about

•         A personal meeting with Guruji and option for a subtle body scan

•         Your chance to ask Guruji a question related to your spiritual path

Energy exchange:

Early-bird: 1350€, available if full payment done by 1 of June 2019

Regular: 1500€, starting from 2 of June 2019

To this price you can also add “DAKSHINA", a donation to Guruji, according to one's ability and generosity. The donation is a way of showing gratitude to the teacher for his service and also our way to exchange energy for what we received.   

About Retreat venue

This is a residential retreat held in Adila Retreat Centre ( ), one hour drive from the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. It is a quiet and serene location in the middle of calm and beautiful nature. We have a newly built large practice hall at our disposal, spacious lakeside sauna and various wooden houses for accommodation. You will be placed in shared occupancy with 2 to 4 people per room. NB! Higher quality rooms will be allocated to the first subscribers. All other rooms have shared bathrooms.